Should they make a health related movie about snoring to increase awareness

Just about everyone sees snoring as harmless. But the reality is, its actually pretty dangerous if its left untreated. If the question in your mind is, can snoring cause death? The answer is yes, yes it can. You might be wondering how. It takes many years for it to happen but it essentially affects your heart. When air is not able to enter your body it causes damage to your heart.

Think if the most popular movie you have watched lately. What if the producers were to add a public service announcement about snoring in the middle of the movie. Would that really bother you? Think of all the people with this medical problem that would get a huge reminder to get themselves checked out.

There have been some cases of celebrities dying from sleep apnea. While these did garner some attention from the public, its no where near enough the kind of awareness that is needed to truly make a difference.

Just about everyone loves movies. It would not be hard at all to add a health PSA. If you attach it to a popular movie series, its guaranteed to change things. Think about that next time to you go to the movie theater. While you eat unhealthy popcorn and fatty hotdogs, would a medical reminder about the skin in your throat really be that inconvenient.

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